2020 Draft Review – Day 2

Day 1 is in the books as we go into day 2 with 3 picks all in the 3rd round; 80, 81 & 91 overall. Many questions remain on the lips of the Nation. Will we go WR to give Carr more weapons to join Ruggs? Will we go CB again to sure-up our secondary along with Arnette & Mullen? Will we address FS/SS after the departure of 2016 first round pick Karl Joseph? Let’s dive in
and find out.

Lynn Bowden Jr

Wide Receiver – Kentucky

The first pick of day 2 saw us pick Taysom Hill style wide receiver, running back and quarterback all-rounder; Lynn Bowden Jr out of Kentucky. This guy has been listed as all of the aforementioned positions, but most platforms list him purely as an athlete, which is
exactly what he is. Boasting arguably one of the most versatile resumes in the 2020 draft, he could be the most perfect gadget player for Gruden to scheme into his intricate playbook, and a way for us to take the AFC West, and the NFL as a whole, by surprise with
the dynamicity of Bowden’s skill-set.
His 3 year college career stats, all of which were at Kentucky, are as follows:

Attempts: 206
Yards: 1,530
Average: 7.4 yards
TDs:: 14

Receptions: 114
Yards: 1,303
Average: 11.6 yards
TDs: 6

Attempts: 79
Completed: 38
Completion: 48.1%
Yards: 495
TDs: 3
Int: 5
QB Rating: 100.6

Attempts: 80
Yards: 1,827
Average: 22.84
TDs: 2


Bryan Edwards

Wide Receiver – South Carolina

Back to back picks see us take another weapon for Jon Gruden & Greg Oslon’s offense –
record setting South Carolina WR; Bryan Edwards. Another pick with another impressive
resume, Edwards holds 3 all time records and another as 2nd all time:

  • 1st all time receptions with 234 .
  • 1st all time yards with 3,045 .
  • 1st all time consecutive games with reception: 48 .
  • 2nd all time receiving touchdowns: 22 ( 1st place 23: Alshon Jeffery & Sidney Rice)

Edwards is a big framed WR, standing 6’3” and 215lbs; he plays with toughness and strength, whilst also being fast with good burst and movement – an ideal all around receiver who can comfortably sit on the outside in either the X or Z positions.

The WR room in Las Vegas is certainly becoming stacked, with the likes of Ruggs, Williams, Renfrow, Edwards, Bowden, Jones, Agholor, Ateman, Gafford, Pierson-El & Ratliff-Williams and that’s before you consider the TE room with Waller, Moreau, Carrier, Witten, Butler & O’Leary. We probably won’t see all of those names on the 53/55 man roster come September, but competition at our most needed position coming off the end of last season is most certainly not a bad thing.


Come the last day 2 pick, the Raiders trade down with New England as per the following:

Raiders Receive:
Round 3 – 100th
Round 4 – 139th
Round 5 – 172nd

Patriots Receive:
Round 3 – 91st
Round 5 – 159th

To summarize, the Raiders moved down 9 places in the 3rd, and down 23 places in the 5th, and from that gained a 4th round pick (139th overall). You didn’t really think we could get through a draft without Mayock trading down, did you?

Tanner Muse

Linebacker – Clemson

Yet again, another versatile pick by Mayock & Gruden, and another Clemson star. Dynamic Linebacker & Safety hybrid; Tanner Muse.

Another fast pick, Tanner has a high range of abilities which can arguably be attributed to his speed. He ran a 4.41 at the combine, 3rd fastest between linebackers & safeties combined. The only 2 players who were faster were L’Jarius Sneed (4.37) and Isaiah Simmons (4.39). He can play safety with solid zone coverage, manned up with tight ends, or can use his speed to close down the run. The same applies to the linebacker role, he can match up with TEs & RBs, blitz the QB, or drop back into coverage. Not to mention his dominance on special teams.
Over Muse’s 4 years at Clemson, he racked up the following stats:
Games: 50
Tackles: 191 (104 solo, 10 tfl)
Sacks: 3.5
Int: 7
TDs: 1
A great addition to a linebacker room which was already greatly improved in free agency with Littleton & Kwiatkoski, as well as some back end help for our young secondary

So what did you think of the first 2 days of the Raiders 2020 Draft?

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