The day is here – Vegas Vote

The day is here, today we find out the fate of our long standing location debacle – Will the Raiders remain The Oakland Raiders?

As we know the situation has gone through all the “will-they-won’t-they” moments with a multitude of various speculations ranging from; moving to Las Vegas, Staying in Oakland, sharing a stadium in L.A., relocating to San Antonio, even the odd speculation the Raiders were been tapped up by San Diego after they lost their Chargers. However today is the day we will see the 31 other NFL owners seal the deal on the Raiders franchise (for now).

For many years there has been a backward and forwards over so many eventualities and options, but for the last 6-12 months things have really het up, not to mention the last few days of activity. Many figures have seem to attempt to ‘come to the rescue’ for Oakland, notably the key submission from Mr Lotts Fortress Investment Group, which was recently shared for all the world to review here. Although it seems all this is falling on deaf ears at the Raider HQ, even to the point Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf publicly called bulls**t on the matter.

This is not to say things have been plain sailing in Navada, they certainly havn’t had the smoothest of rides either with a key stake holder, Sheldon Adelson pulling out fairly early on into final negotiations, seemingly around lease payment figures, although I think we all saw through that because Davis was not willing (or even able to for that point) give away a piece of the ownership of the Raider Franchise. Couple that with local complaints over redirection of public funds, fears of bribery and mischief of players, staff and officials when in town and the potential rebrand of the Raiders all made for a fairly ugly situation.

Compile all this together and couple it with a seemingly pro-Vegas stance from Roger Goodell to get the Raiders in Vegas, as can be interpreted by axing the relocations fee from recent example fees for L.A. moves and a fairly non committal and frankly derogatory letter recently released from Roger to Mayor Schaaf the next 12-24 hours will certainly make for some very interesting headlines!

UPDATE: It would appear that we missed Mayor Schaafs’ letter to NFL owners yesterday – See images below

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What’s your take on the matter, Will a move to Las Vegas break your alliance with the Silver & Black? Let us know in the comments section below

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