Silver & Black UK was founded in late 2013, just after the announcement of the 2014 fixture between the Oakland Raiders and Miami Dolphins by two devoted UK based Las Vegas Raiders fans, Oli DeRuyter & Tony Law. Initially founded as “The UK Black Hole” the founding members decided that the UK identity should become “Silver & Black UK” to allow the sustainability of the group after the fixture against the Dolphins in Wembley in 2014.
The founding members initial objective was to work closely with the NFL and the Raiders organisation to secure a group booking for the then, Oakland Raiders fans at Wembley, however after a great amount of interest from the American Fan clubs, it quickly became apparent that many familiar faces from The Black Hole in Oakland would be making the trip to London. Following this the team began to engage with travel, lodging and entertainment parties to make sure Raiders fans got a genuine Raiders experience as well as securing a discounted rate for all their membership.
Working closely with NFLUK, the Silver & Black UK team successfully secured a group booking for their membership within the Raiders endzone at Wembley. This also lead to the preparation of numerous Parties and group meals across the Capital.
Silver & Black UK are looking to the future to host an array of Raiders themed events after Wembley, to ensure you keep up to date with all planned events and to get exclusive offer make sure you sign up to one of the membership plans right away!