Distinguished Service Honour

The Silver & Black UK aim to not only to unite a community of like-minded Raider fans but also to work to help their membership maintain a strong bond with their local communities. As such we are proud to have built over the years ties with a number of Charities, such as The Biletnikoff Foundation in the United States as well as Sycamore Trust in the United Kingdom. Each year we aim to grow our donations and work with these great Charities & Foundations.

With this great effort also comes our charge to say thank you to our own for their tireless hours of effort and at times personal hardship in order to serve others – We call this ‘The Silver & Black UK Distinguished Service Honour’. This award is given to those among us that have served their community with tireless compassion and place the needs of others before their own as such we are proud to include the following members to our Honor Roll

Keith Smith

Keith "Crusader Raider" Smith

Inducted 2015

Despite Silver & Black having only been founded in 2014, Keith’s obsession with the Silver & Black has spanned a much longer period of time (we don’t want to give away his age too much :)). Keith has been both a servant of the Silver & Black and his very own community through a broad range of charity and individual events. His shear dedication and passion for putting other before his own made the decision to induct him in our inaugural class obvious.

Oli DeRuyter

Oli DeRuyter

Inducted 2016

It was through a handful of peoples hard effort that the Silver & Black UK organisation stand to this day, Oli was one of the founders for the Organisation – It is for his dedication to serving the UK Raider community we honour him with this merit.

Tony Law

Tony Law

Inducted 2016

It was through Tony’s early action that the Silver & Black UK gained the traction it did with the NFL UK. Today Tonys passion for the Silver & Black UK Organisation is as strong as always and he’s working hard to continue driving initiatives forward

Kelly Smith

Kelly "Crossbones Kelly" Dagger Smith

Proposed for Induction in 2017

Kelly has been a member of the Silver & Black UK since its inception, throughout her time with us and stretching long before, Kelly has been heavily involved with volunteering with a number of fantastic foundations, both here and abroad. It is for this great effort that we propose her for induction to our Honour Roll in 2017

If you know somebody who you feel should be under consideration for induction to our Distinguished Service Honour Roll we would love to hear from you. Please be sure to contact us using our ‘Contact Us’ form.