Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Silver and Black UK is a group of British fans of the Raiders Organisation. We aim to provide current British fans with an active fan community as well as attract new members and fans to both the sport and organisation.

Formed as a not-for-profit organisation to host a series of events for the Wembley International Series fixture in September 2014. The Silver and Black UK hosted around 700 Raiders fans from the UK, USA as well as many European countries and Singapore. Holding bus tours around the City of London, a Friday night pre-game party, Gameday brunch, an After party as well as a dedicated fan section in the first six rows of the home end zone in which we seated just over 500 fans, our very own version of the famed “Black Hole” section at the Oakland Coliseum. A section that boasted the largest represented fan base of an international series game as well as the loudest crowd in attendance of an international series game.

Building on the success of these events we plan to maintain momentum for the group by organising group trips to games to Oakland as well as ongoing hosting of events such as, Raider gamedays at sports bars across London, expanding these to venues throughout the United Kingdom as membership grows, draft parties and other organised group activities.

Aside from organised member events, the Silver and Black UK are also proud to have links to charities both in the USA and UK. Recently supporting The Biletnikoff Foundation with a donation that was presented at the famed 2015 Crab Feed event. We also aim to work with several UK based Charities and Grassroot American Football Organisations. A charity that offers a range of services specifically designed to support families and individuals affected by autism and learning difficulties. As the Silver & Black Grows we will aim to expand our charity affiliates and community outreach projects.

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