2018 Group Trip Schedule

We are yet to release this as a package deal, but we wanted to share the itinerary for the 2018 Silver & Black UK group trip. At this time this is SELF BOOKING ONLY. We are working with partners on the group tickets for the 2 games involved. The trip highlights are:

  • Raiders vs Chargers
  • Raiders @ Cardinals
  • Biletnikoff Foundation Annual Crab Fest (~$160 Seat) – This is the Charity SBUK supports annually
  • Raider Fan convention (~$20 Tickets)
  • We are also sure to party most nights with various booster clubs from around the world!

If you are interested drop your details on our contact form. We stress again, this is self book, i.e. you book your own flights, transport, accommodation, tickets but we can guide you on best outlets and buddy up on things to ensure best rates – If in doubt, ask!



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