Thank you for your continued patience with regard to ticketing for Octobers game. We appreciate that it’s a nerve wracking time for all involved and especially those travelling from distance for the game. Although, we must stress that this is not unexpected at all.

Apologies for the lack of updates that have come out recently about progress, with the uncertainty surrounding the on-time completion of the new White Hart Lane stadium and the back-lash the NFL have received from the Wembley tickets, it has made this process a much longer and drawn out affair.

Simply put, the NFL are not in a position to negotiate at any serious length until the picture is a little clearer for them… Even the teams themselves don’t have their allocations yet!

With this in mind, rest assured that we maintained regular contact directly with the ticketing director at NFL and will continue to do so until a resolution can be found. Aside from this, we are also exploring every other avenue we possibly can to secure a group booking and will not stop until we have shaken all of the bushes and rattled all of the cages.

One thing is clear however from every avenue we’ve explored. That is that all public ticketing will be the responsibility of TicketMaster. So, if you haven’t already done so, please make doubly sure that you have registered your interest with them for this game. This can be done at:

To help bolster our request, we’d like to get a better idea of how many tickets we would sell if we could raise another ‘Black Hole’ section. This information would put us in a stronger position to negotiate with every organisation we are talking to. To help us do this, please enter a list of email addresses in your party using the form below.

Thank you again for your patience.

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As always, we appreciate all your support and will continue on the trend to grow and enrich your enjoyment of Raider football. For now, all we can say is “Watch this Space” but as always …… GO !!!

Stay tuned for more news from Silver & Black UK!

Kind Regards



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