IMPORTANT – Your FREE Members pack is here

Thank you for your continued support with your membership plan, we hope that you are getting the most from it with the various discount codes available. We are finally proud to release to you the 2018 Members Pack for you! It includes your 2018 members ID card with holder, lanyard, SBUK keychain, exclusive 2018 Members patch and a member only t-shirt.

To lay your hands on this fantastic package all you need to do is login to your Silver & Black UK account and head on over to the store, you will need to place an order for the Members Pack using the following link  – If you have an active subscription the price will be FREE and you just pay the shipping.

To be able to print your ID card we will need to ensure your profile is up to date, you can do this using the “1,2,3” profile update steps below. We will not ship until your details are updated.

Please note all products included are on a “first come, first served” basis as there is limited stock on all products. Member Pack package preparation can take 3 business days, then are subject to the associated shipping times. International orders may not arrive before you depart for London if attending. We cannot accept the return of any products included in this package unless there is a shipping or printing error.

On behalf of us all here at SBUK, we look forward to giving a warm welcome to you if you can make it to to London in October. Please remember if you have any issue be sure to email us on or via our contact form on the website –

As always, we appreciate all your support and will continue on the trend to grow and enrich your enjoyment of Raider football …… GO !!!

Stay tuned for more news from Silver & Black UK!

Kind Regards

The Silver & Black UK Team

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